Between Tulle & Tears

The wedding dress – the dress of a lifetime for many women. Everyone is torn while making the choice, because the selection is huge. Choosing the right dress is a path full of pitfalls and emotions – up to the cathartic moment when the bridal outfitter asks: “Is this YOUR dress?

Goodbye Germany

Anyone can take a vacation. But emigrate?

2 Families 2 Worlds

A lifestyle of abundance and a life at the subsistence level: In this format two families get to know a world unknown to them.

Dr. Dago

An empathic paediatrician who sees young patients through his own unique eyes.

Little Heroes Big Time!

What motivates children and adolescents who stands between “life and death” or struggle with great handicaps? The “little heroes” tell us all about this – from their own point of view.

Simply Hairy – the hairdressers

They are craftsmen, artists and comforters of the soul: Every day, Germany’s hairdressers give their all in over 80,000 salons for the good self-esteem of their customers.

Jens Büchner Documentary

Jenny and Jessica Büchner, Jens’ daughters from his first marriage, travel to the places where their father lived. They meet people who were of great significance to him. These encounters deepen the relationship with her father – and with each other.

7 daughters

We accompany 7 daughters of famous fathers through their lives. In the studio they meet and see their films for the first time. What does it mean to be the “daughter of”?

Reports & Documentations

With documentaries and reports we make the reality of our society clear and reveal painful truths.


Faces and stories of poverty in Germany. Long-term observation of over 5 years in the streets of the Asternweg in Kaiserslautern.

Three Wishes – One Deal

Three people who’ve never seen each other before make a deal. Each work for two days to fulfill the heart’s desires of the other two.