THE DUELL – between tulle and tears

THE DUELL - between tulle and tears

Two of the best bridal outfitters in Germany meet to court the favor of a bride in a new episode of “The duel – between tulle and tears”.

In this series, two of the most well-known wedding dress experts from “Between Tulle and Tears” compete against each other in each episode to fulfil a bride’s wish for her perfect wedding dress. The bridal outfitters not only show fighting spirit but also great expertise, sensitivity, humor and a lot of heart. Whether a dress, a jumpsuit, a two-piece suit or a Bavarian dirndl – the professionals have everything that makes the heart of bridal fashion beat faster. If the bride finds her perfect match and decides to wear one of the dresses, her choice also picks the winner of the duel.

Production data

Timeslot: Daytime
Genre: Doku-Soap
Length of broadcast: 45 Minutes
Seasons: 1
TV Channel: VOX
Year of production: 2022 (ongoing)

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Zwischen Tüll und Tränen