7 daughters

7 daughters
7 daughters

7 daughters

Their fathers have made names for themselves in Germany as actors, singers, entrepreneurs, politicians or opinion leaders. In this format we show how 7 daughters deal with this. Is it an opportunity or rather a burden to grow up with a famous name? How do they find their own way? How do they see their relationship with their parents today? We accompany them individually in their lives and film them when they meet.

With: Laura Karasek (father: Hellmuth Karasek), Lou Beyer (father: Nino de Angelo), Lilith Becker (father: Ben Becker), Lilli Paul-Roncalli (father: Bernhard Paul), Cheyenne Ochsenknecht (father: Uwe Ochsenknecht), Caroline Bosbach (father: Wolfgang Bosbach) and Elena Carriere (father: Mathieu Carriere).

A format by 99pro media.

Production data

Timeslot: Primetime
Genre: Docu Soap
Length of broadcast: 90 min.
Seasons: 1
Transmitter: VOX
Years of production: 2018/2019

Contact: Roger Melcher Write me