Dr. Dago

Dr. Dago - Hero of the Children's Hospital

“Dr. Dago – Hero of the Children’s Hospital” accompanies doctors and nurses in their daily work. The special feature of the format is Dr. Dago himself – a doll in a doctor’s robe equipped with a small camera in a stethoscope. So he can always be with his little patients and playfully ease their fears, comfort them and encourage them. The audience gets a very personal and close-up perspective of the daily routine in the clinic.

a format by Geronimo/Belgien, German adaption: 99pro media.

Production data

Timeslot: Primetime
Genre: Docutainment
Lenght of broadcast: 45 Minutes
Seasons: 1
Transmitter: RTLII
Years of production: 2019

Contact: Sina Rieck  Write me