Simply Hairy – the hairdressers

Simply Hairy - the hairdressers

They are craftsmen, artists and comforters of souls: Every day, Germany’s hairdressers give their all in over 80,000 salons for the good self-esteem of their customers.

The format concentrates on “big changes”, i.e. the moments of great change for which the hairdresser and customer take a real risk. And if the result is right and the emotions come, the hairdressers from Hamburg to Munich won’t have a dry eye either.

The docu-soap shows lone wolves among the Figaros and family members like the twin sisters Hatice and Ayse, who have made a name for themselves as “blonde experts” in Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin. The married couple Andreas and Sebastian Hintz also work hand in hand in Hamburg-Winterhude. In their salon “Pompadur” they often dedicate an entire day to the happiness of a single customer.

Whoever lands here gets to know wonderful, charismatic heads.

Production data

Timeslot: Primetime
Genre: Docu-Soap
Length of broadcast: 45 Minutes
Seasons: 2
Trasmitter: RTL II
Years of Production: 2017-2019

Contact: Roger Melcher Write me