Goodbye Germany

Goodbye Germany

Since Daniela Katzenberger applied to the American edition of Playboy in Los Angeles in 2009, 99pro media has been producing individual sections of the format, and starting from 2011 as a producer of entire programmes. What motivates people to start anew life somewhere far away in the world?

With “Goodbye Germany – Viva Mallorca! we have been producing a successful spin-off of the emigrant documentary since 2016. Here we take a close look at the Germans’ favourite island. What makes Mallorca so special? How do you live, love and dream on the island? We accompany these adventurers who fight for their dreams. But don’t look away when those burst. Mallorca: For German holidaymakers THE destination of desire. For emigrants sometimes more a curse than a blessing.

Production Data

Goodbye Germany is a Corporate-Production of several producers under the direction of the TV channel VOX.

Timeslot: Primetime
Genre: Docu-Soap
Length of broadcast: 90 Minutes
Seasons: 10
TV-Channel: VOX
Years of production: 2009 – 2019

Contact: Matthias Märten Write me


Goodbye Deutschland - Die Auswanderer