Stern Crime: Der Alptraummann

Haus in Schweden

Der Alptraummann (The nightmare man)

Sven H. is her fairytale prince, says Julia. The man to marry with whom she emigrates to a remote place in Sweden. What Julia does not know, however, is that Sven has many secrets. Fraud, bigamy, imprisonment, betrayed wives, secret children – lies are littered are littered throughout his past. Sven is more of a nightmare man than a fairytale prince. And he´s not afraid of doing more evil deeds.

The true crime series “Stern Crime: The Nightmare Man” has 4 episodes and tells the unbelievable story of a young woman and her fiancé Sven. Using extensive, previously unreleased documentary material, the series documents a couple who want to start a new life in Lapland. What should have been a happily ever after, ends in tragedy.

We were nominated for our nightmare man in two categories for the German Television Award 2021 in the categories “Best Editing Information/Documentary” and “Best Camera Information/Documentary”. On September 16, 2021, Xenia Kalinitchenko and Philip Drangmeister won the award for best editing at the German TV Prize!

Production dates

Genre: True Crime documentary
Length of program: 4 x 45 minutes
Seasons: 1
Platform: TV Now
Years of production: 2020/2021

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