Between Tulle & Tears

Between Tulle & Tears

A-line, princess or mermaid? With great expertise and even more charm, the bridal outfitters in our “Between Tulle and Tears” format guide their customers to the answer towards the crucial question: “Is this YOUR dress?

Whether old or young, slim or curvy, large or small – our experts will find the perfect dress for every type of woman on “Between Tulle and Tears”. Time pressure, limited budget, misconceptions – when brides-to-be are getting close to making excessive demands, the bridal consultants keep a cool head and assist their customers with professional tips on cut, colour and style.

From the idyllic summer wedding in country style to the unusual wedding ceremony in nature to the glamorous celebration in princess look – the bridal fashion experts provide the right wedding dress solution for every occasion.

Production data

Timeslot: Daytime
Genre: Docu-Soap
Length of broadcast: 45 Minutes
Seasons: 8
TV Channel: VOX
Years of production: 2016 – 2022

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Zwischen Tüll und Tränen