Murderous women: killing for lust

Dr. Julia Shaw
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Murderous woman

Dr Julia Shaw and the Höxter House of Horrors:

It sounds like something out of a horror movie, but this story really happened. A couple from Höxter regularly invited young women over to abuse and kill them for pleasure.
For years, Angelika W. and her ex-husband tormented women in the “horror house of Höxter”, luring them there with a personal ad.
After the death of two of their victims, a coincidence leads to the couple’s arrest. In court, Angelika W. described, without regret, 66 methods of torture that she used on her victims. But how did a girl with a seemingly normal childhood mutate into an ice-cold sadist? This is exactly what Dr. Julia Shaw, an international renowed criminal psychologist, is examinating in the documentary “Murdering women: killing for pleasure”, as she tries to get into the head of the perpetrator. One thing is certain: women kill differently from men. (Source: TVNOW)

Production dates

Genre: True Crime documentary
Length of program: 1 x 75 minutes
Seasons: 1
Platform: TV Now
Years of production: 2020/2021

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