Asternweg - A road without an exit

Faces and stories of poverty in Germany. Long-term observation over 5 years. The place: The streets of the Astern- and the Geranienweg in Kaiserslautern, in the so-called ” Kalkofen “. Three four-hour documentaries on Saturday evening at VOX. The first episode, broadcast in April 2015, was watched by 8% of 14-49-year old’s, the second episode in April 2016 by 12.8% of viewers of this target group. We are currently preparing the third episode.

In 2016 our documentary “Asternweg – Eine Straße ohne Ausweg” received the German Television Award in the category Best Reportage/Documentary.

Production data

Timeslot: Primetime
Genre: Documentation
Length of broadcast 2 x 4 Hours
Transmitter: VOX
Years of production: 2014 – 2020

Contact: Michael Beck Write me


Asternweg - Eine Strasse ohne Ausweg
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