Why, how and what do we produce?



We follow our vocation to tell great moments of life authentically with moving pictures that touch hearts. Thus, we create encounters with “others” and bring tolerance to the world.



“A good story deals with death” – Noel Campbell

In our serial documentaries we show people at their “turning-point” moments in life. By revealing their transformations, we get the chance to understand what truly characterizes a human in life and arouse empathy where prejudices might have prevailed. The key to an authentic and valuable documentary is in the vulnerability of its protagonists.

In order to achieve this honesty, we create a trustful atmosphere throughout the production. We treat each other as well as all the participants (on and off camera) respectfully. This allows authentic participation and lets great stories to evolve – in either a single encounter or throughout the years.

The origin of any story lies within us, in our personalities and in our curiosity about life, in our longings and our dreams, and in our passion for telling true and touching stories. Each “99er” may follow his/her intuition and ideas in order to implement relevant projects.



Life is a transformation, from birth to death. People follow core motives for which we develop format vessels:

The romantic desire for love and for founding a family is the core of the series “Between Tulle and Tears”, the starting of a new life abroad is shown in “Goodbye Germany”, and the wish to reinvent one’s self is the heart of  “Einfach Hairlich”.

Those who are severely ill, have only one goal: to get better and that is the main motive for the formats “Little Heroes “and “Dr. Dago”.

What really matters in life is the main question of the real life series such as “2 Families – 2 Worlds” and the long-term documentaries like “Asternweg”.



Adverting products that are not needed, spreading clichés and deceiving viewers.



We want to truly meet everyone and build a company in which we respect each other and feel at ease. This is the best starting point to let ideas fly and create programs that have an impact of which we can be proud of.



“99pro” means “99 percent” and it stands for the courage to not be perfect.


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